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Maryland Auto, previously known as the Maryland Auto Insurance Fund (MAIF), had a brand problem. Members of Maryland Auto’s internal marketing team and their Planit partners will share highlights and lessons learned from the rebranding process at this session.

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AMA Baltimore Debuts Innovative ‘One Chapter Alliance’ to Expand Member Benefits and Access to Regional Programming and Events
November 8, 2017

AMA Baltimore is pleased to announce its participation in AMA One Chapter Alliance, a multi-regional partnership between four AMA chapters across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast: Baltimore, Philadelphia, Richmond and Washington DC. Under this unique collaboration, chapter members can now enjoy unified member benefits.

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American Marketing Association CEO Russ Klein to Speak in Baltimore
November 1, 2017

AMA Baltimore is excited to announce that Russ Klein, CEO of the American Marketing Association, will speak to the Baltimore marketing community on Wednesday, November 29 at 6:00 PM. Klein’s talk on “The State and Future of Marketing” will focus on the evolving and ever-changing role of marketing.

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Identifying Sources of Marketing Growth: Call Tracking
December 14, 2017

As marketers, we are challenged to find which vehicles will deliver the most leads, conversions, and sales. Recognizing the need for scientific data to optimize marketing budgets and evaluate the profitability of specific market segments, increasing numbers of businesses are using call tracking as a way to measure campaign performance and customer acquisition.

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The State and Future of Marketing: 4 Takeaways from AMA CEO, Russ Klein
December 7, 2017

Our November 29th AMA in the PM with AMA CEO Russ Klein was informative and inspiring. Klein spoke about the State and Future of Marketing – experience design, technology, and re-framing the way marketers think about marketing. In case you missed the event, we pulled four takeaway points from Klein’s presentation.

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