BALTIMORE, MD - Marketers from local American Marketing Association chapters based out of Boston to North Carolina will converge in Charm City next month. Each year, chapter leaders from various regions around the country gather for a weekend of learning, ...Read More >
BALTIMORE, MD —The American Marketing Association Baltimore Chapter (AMA Baltimore) is pleased to announce the launch of its 2017-2018 Mentor Connections program. In follow-up to last year’s success, AMA Mentor Connections is accepting applicants until December 1st. This unique mentoring program pairs ...Read More >
Debbie Wright
How long have you been an AMA member? I’ve been a member of the AMA for many years, probably dating back to the early 80s! What are your job responsibilities? As a Product & Service Strategist at FedChoice Federal Credit ...Read More >
Gathering marketers and professionals with a common purpose, our goal is to help you connect, engage, and build relationships. Join us at Alex+Tom for our upcoming #AMAMingle event on Thursday, February 22, from 5:30 - 8:00 pm. This casual networking ...Read More >
This past year, the American Marketing Association recently introduced its first-ever intellectual agenda, identifying what academics and practitioners believe are the seven biggest challenges facing marketers today. Rapid technological advances and the resulting changes in business processes have impacted how ...Read More >
Claude Lijoi
How long have you been an AMA member? I joined in the mid 90s, which is around the time that I started my career in marketing. Since joining over 20 years ago, AMA has grown into a strong resource for ...Read More >