Katie Bush

AVP Programming
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Katie Bush serves as AMA Baltimore’s AVP of Programming. As AVP, she works with membership and sponsorship to blend membership interest with prospective event partners. She became an active AMA member in 2016 and has been a committee member since January 2017.

Outside of the AMA, Katie is the Community Relations Director for Volo City, the largest adult sports company in Baltimore. They provide sports league and wellness events for the Baltimore community, as well as manage the Volo City Kids Foundation, providing free leagues and meals for kids in Baltimore Ciy. As a Community Relations Director, she manages and grows the strategic partnerships with sponsors, corporate partners, and community/local government leaders.

Katie has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications from Towson Univeristy and is a Business Volunteers MD GIVE Graduate. She is a volunteer for the Ronald McDonald House Red Shoe Crew and is a member of the Junior Achievement Associate Leadership Council. She is a social sports enthusiast – skeeball is her favorite (“Keep those hundos coming!”).

Inspiring Leader: Currently, her favorite leader to follow is Cy Wakeman, author and speaker who advocates for Reality-Based Leadership. She provides practical and straightforward guides for leaders who wish to reduce office drama and improve personal accountability on teams.