Mark Edelson, Esquire

General Counsel
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Mark Edelson serves as AMA Baltimore’s General Counsel in a newly formed role to provide legal guidance and review all contracts and operating documents with the goal of ensuring a legally sound process and board compliance with all relevant legislation. Outside of our Chapter, Mark is an attorney at Goldman & Goldman, P.A., a fast-paced, business focused boutique law firm. Mark manages the day to day operation of the firm and is a licensed attorney in Maryland, DC, and Florida.

Beyond Mark’s litigation role and reviewing contracts, he serves as a Board member for The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore, the Baltimore Jewish Council, as well as various transportation boards including the Baltimore Transit Coalition, Transit Choices, The Baltimore Transit Campaign, and also is the chair of the Transit Committee of the Canton Community Association. Mark ran for Baltimore City Council for the 1st District in 2016 and takes pride in finding transportation solutions for Baltimore City.

Mark received his BA from Georgia State University and earned his JD from the University of Maryland.

Fun fact: In high school, Mark was the lead singer/songwriter of an alternative rock band called Stellar.