2016 – 2017 Executive Board

The Baltimore Chapter’s Executive Board is a group of volunteer leaders who are responsible for all oversight of the chapter activities, including membership, sponsorship and programming. The 2016-2017 Executive Board includes both new and returning members. Learn more about this year’s Executive Board.


Dov Hoffman


Immediate Past-President
Eileen Gwin


Kevin Stever


Vice President, Finance
Philippe Lerner, MBA


General Counsel
Mark Edelson, Esquire


Vice President, Collegiate Relations
Takisha Toler, Ph.D.


Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Christina Grieves


Vice President, Membership
Linda Gordon Gilmore


Vice President, Mentorship and Professional Development
Mira Lares


Vice President, Programming
Liz Breaux


Vice President, Sponsorship
Seth Geller


Vice President, Volunteer Engagement
Joe Wagner