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AMA Baltimore Names Lauren Yoffe Winter 2019 Featured Volunteer

January 20, 2019 |
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The Baltimore Chapter of the American Marketing Association is an entirely volunteer-run organization. Each quarter, the Chapter selects a Featured Volunteer in order to recognize the extraordinary effort of these hard-working and dedicated individuals. The Featured Volunteers are nominated and voted on by the Chapter’s Executive Board.


Lauren Yoffe of the Marketing & Communications and Programming committees has been named the Featured Volunteer of Winter 2019. Lauren is the marketing automation specialist in the signs and graphics division of Alliance Franchise Brands, overseeing their email marketing program on behalf of their 300 franchise locations. She integrates information from their CRM into HubSpot and develops nurturing programs for customers of each of their three brands.

Since August 2018, Lauren has been creating the email marketing schedule for AMA Baltimore event promotions and monthly newsletters, as well as coding/designing the emails and deploying them. She also reviews the analytics of each email to achieve optimal results with future communications. “Lauren has been a huge asset to our chapter, serving on two committees and driving the future of our growth. She started out supporting our event communications and quickly expanded her duties to help us launch our monthly newsletter. Since then, Lauren has been driving our email marketing strategy and is in a unique position of evaluating how we can better promote ourselves to marketers while providing them with relevant content,” said Dov Hoffman, AMA Baltimore’s vice president of programming.

Lauren initially established a connection to Dov and AMA Baltimore as she embarked on a job search locally following two years of commuting to Washington, DC. After learning about the chapter’s need for a volunteer to run the email marketing program, she decided it would be a great fit for her skills and a way to make valuable connections within the Baltimore marketing community. She reports that it has been a fulfilling experience: “Being able to attend all of the speaker events and #AMAMingle events has allowed me to meet so many members of the marketing community, and it’s been great to talk through some of the challenges of marketing in the digital age.”

While Lauren is enjoying her volunteer role, it is not without its challenges, but she takes pride in the insight she has gained. “It took some time, but I’ve learned how to balance and prioritize my responsibilities, whether it be work, volunteering, or my personal life. I’ve learned how to be super organized and plan ahead so that I can meet all of my deadlines. I’ve also learned that putting in that hard work can be very rewarding.”

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