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Executive Roundtable

AMA Executive Roundtable

April 29, 2021 |
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Senior-level marketers deal with constant movement in a business environment that is ever-changing. Successful leadership requires honest feedback and peer support. Join the AMA Executive Roundtable and enter a room of like-minded professionals dedicated to working together to provide solutions.

Beginning in April, the AMA Executive Roundtable will host up to 10 participants in a monthly, 6-month commitment to building relationships and support. The roundtable will be facilitated by Kelly Nowlan, Product Communications Manager, T. Rowe Price, who will guide the group through mutually chosen topics designed to uncover practical, actionable solutions.

Virtual Event Details

  • Meets monthly on Zoom from 8:30 am -10:00 am
  • Maximum of 10 participants.
  • Topics for discussion will be decided by participants and each meeting will address a marketing success, challenge, issue, or goal chosen by a member
  • Members commit through September 2021
  • $125 for members; $275 for non-members (and become a member).

The Roundtable meets monthly from 8:30 – 10:00 am on these dates:

  • Session 1: Thursday, April 29
  • Session 2: Thursday, May 27
  • Session 3: Thursday, July 1
  • Session 4: Thursday, July 29
  • Session 5: Thursday, September 2
  • Session 6: Thursday, September 30


  • Participation is reserved for director-level marketers and higher (Director, VP, CMO) at organizations with at least 30 employees. All registrations will be reviewed. Refunds will be issued for any applications that do not meet the criteria.
  • Each participant is required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. The only people in the room are the moderator and roundtable members.

AMA Executive Roundtable Deadlines
Application for the Roundtable must be submitted by April 15, 2021. Participants must submit a completed NDA by the first meeting. Applicants will receive a response or confirmation of participation by April 22.

AMA Executive Roundtable Moderator
Kelly Nowlan, Product Communications Manager, T. Rowe Price
A veteran marketer and communications professional, Kelly Nowlan has built a successful track record of creating, managing and growing customer-centric programs and delivering results. With experience across private sector, consulting, and non-profit organizations, she has honed her skills in building partnerships and bringing groups together to solve challenges and gain consensus. In her current role as a Product Communications Manager at T. Rowe Price, she develops strategic, client-centric messaging for the firm’s key product launches and changes, and most recently managed communications for a series of changes to the firm’s $330 billion target date franchise.


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