AVP MX Awards

Nicole Haslip

AVP MX Awards

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Nicole Haslip is AMA Baltimore’s AVP of the MX Awards. In this role, she will support the planning and execution of this yearly cornerstone for the AMA Baltimore, which celebrates outstanding achievement in local marketing campaigns. Nicole first became involved in AMA in 2018 as a volunteer in the Marcom and Mentor Connections committees, writing blog posts, newsletters, and developing a range of content. She previously served on the AMA board as VP of Marketing + Communications from 2022-2023.

Nicole has an extensive career in marketing and communications, working in a range of industries throughout the Baltimore area such as technology, health care, and manufacturing. She is currently the Global Head of Marcom and Events for Saft, an international manufacturer of batteries for industrial applications including aerospace, defense, transportation, and grid. Her event management experience has prepared her to deliver an exciting and top-notch awards ceremony for the region’s most creative agencies.  

Nicole holds a Master’s of Science in Communications Management and a Bachelor’s of Science in Mass Communications, both from Towson University. She is passionate about both Baltimore and marketing, so AMA is a great fit for her to sharpen her skills and offer her expertise to the city she calls home. When she isn’t volunteering for AMA, working, or planning her next event, Nicole enjoys running, fitness, traveling, cooking, and spending time with her three children and her dog. She is also taking French lessons and looks forward to one day conducting her work meetings in French. 

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