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Creating a Winning Logo: SR&B Reveals its Strategy

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By: Chad Bauer, SR&B Advertising

When presented with the opportunity to participate in AMA Baltimore’s 75th Anniversary Logo Competition, SR&B Advertising saw a chance to collaborate with an iconic organization in the marketing world while showcasing our creative and problem-solving capabilities.

When it comes to logo design, brand is key. We wanted to convey AMA Baltimore’s established look with its rich history and eclectic location. Our team brainstormed elements that represent the Baltimore culture and proceeded to merge them with the clean and iconic style of AMA. Following the several principles of logo design – simple, memorable, and versatile – our designers got to work.

Baltimore, the number of years AMA was celebrating, and a defined message were the focal point of our discussion. After a few sketches, the digital design process began with a black and white version. We believe starting with a black and white design bypasses an over-complicated, texture dependent product, and produces a clean product. Each designer presented their concept for feedback, inspiration, and refining.

Several concepts were narrowed down to a few designs that were memorable enough to persist and make a lasting impression. The logos were then sized to see how they would be displayed across various mediums. The concepts that held up were refined even more with added color and slight detail. In this case, adding color consisted of following the AMA brand colors and choosing a complimentary brand tertiary color.

The end product merges the round, clean style of the AMA brand with the straight-forward symbolism of the Baltimore skyline. We used a “land and sea” concept; the skyline representing AMA’s strong foundation and the water symbolizing the moving, changing, future of the organization.

SR&B Advertising is honored and proud to have created AMA Baltimore’s 75th Anniversary logo and help celebrate this historic milestone.

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