Member Spotlight

Debbie Wright

Product & Service Strategist
FedChoice Federal Credit Union

How long have you been an AMA member?

I’ve been a member of the AMA for many years, probably dating back to the early 80s!

What are your job responsibilities?

As a Product & Service Strategist at FedChoice Federal Credit Union, I’m responsible for evaluating our product offering and making recommendations for enhancements, new products, etc. I also handle internal communications that are product and service related to keep employees informed about upcoming promotions, advertising campaigns, special events.

According to you, what does it mean to be an innovative modern marketer?

An innovative modern marketer is always looking for new and better ways to reach their audience, whether it’s through new media, new targeting methods, new community partnerships, etc.  It’s dangerous to keep doing what you’ve always done, without considering that consumers’ interests and motivations are continually evolving, especially as technology drives everything that we do.

What is your favorite part of marketing and why?

I like the unpredictability of marketing. Every day is different and is often driven by circumstances that we don’t control!

If you could have any super power, what would it be?  

A long, long time ago, I remember seeing a comic book character that really appealed to me. She had “stretchy” elastic-like arms and legs. I would love to be able to reach anything as I’m “vertically challenged.” This super power would come in real handy when I go grocery shopping and can’t reach something!

What has marketing taught you that you think that other industries may not have?

I believe that marketing has taught me to be very detail oriented, particularly as it relates to proofreading, ensuring marketing materials match our color palette, etc. It almost seems that other industries don’t have the same sense of pride, perfection in their work. I see it every day!

What recent experience (art show, concert, or lecture) inspired you to try something new in marketing?

I recently attended an AMA webinar on Life Stage Marketing. The company that conducted the program, Networked Insights, commented that relevance is everything; brand messaging has nearly zero appeal now! Networked Insights has identified five major consumer audiences – graduates/early career, engaged/recently married, parents, affluent professionals and recently retired. By collecting data from their online conversations, 25,000 self-identified life stage classifications can then be used to better understand consumer needs. Way more revealing and relevant than demographics could ever be. This approach is more likely to reach new customers, save money on marketing expenses and drive engagement. Wow! What a trifecta for success!