MX Awards
Enter the 2023 MX Awards: Advice and Inspiration from Past Winners

The deadline to enter the MX Awards is approaching. Organizations – both for-profit and non-profit – and agencies (on behalf of their clients) are encouraged to enter and share their best campaigns of 2022 with the marketing community. For some advice and inspiration, here are some words of wisdom from some of our previous winners:

Why enter?

We like the MX Awards because they are based on results, not merely subjective. You are asked to identify your wins and craft a challenge/solution/results narrative around your best work of the year. The Awards are also a great tool for agencies to build your case studies. We’re all so busy these days creating compelling marketing for everyone else that it’s hard to find time to market our own successes. In the end, you not only have a great awards entry, but also a strong case study that you can add to your self-promotional efforts. — Diane Devaney, President and Founder, Devaney & Associates

What advice do you have for preparing a successful submission?

Never forget to communicate your campaign’s impact. Use visual evidence and tangible data to show how you achieved your marketing goals and built better connections between your client and their target audience. A great way to find these results is through genuine customer reactions, whether that’s social media shares, emails or any other sources of feedback. As you’re writing your submission, always show vs. tell, and use creative out-of-the-box storytelling instead of corporate speak. – Marla Clendenin, Creative Partner, and Madeline Caldwell, Managing Partner, 212 Communications

It’s about showing how the whole journey works. Not just in the way we answer on the brief, or the copy and design execution, but also in the reaction. Did it move the needle on social? Sales? Show us why the work matters. – Rick Bowman, Associate Creative Director, Harvey Agency

How did your team and organization (or client) benefit from the entry
process and awards?

The MX Awards give us a chance to see and celebrate the best of the best creative coming out of the region. Win or lose, each entry is a celebration of our team and client and the collective effort that went into every line of copy, concepts that made the cut and those that didn’t, and campaigns that made a difference. — Melissa Morales, Managing Director and Senior Vice President, GMMB

To enter your creative, results-driven marketing campaign in the 2023 MX Awards, visit our awards page. Read more about last year’s winners here.