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AMA Baltimore Names Lauryn Paradis Winter 2024 Featured Volunteer

May 21, 2024 |
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The American Marketing Association Baltimore Chapter is an entirely volunteer-run organization. Each quarter, the Chapter selects a Featured Volunteer in order to recognize the extraordinary effort of these hard-working and dedicated individuals. The Featured Volunteers are nominated and voted on by the Chapter’s Executive Board.

Lauryn Paradis of the Marketing + Communications Committee has been selected as the Featured Volunteer for Winter 2024. 

Paradis is an Engagement Specialist at Precise Systems, an esteemed defense contractor headquartered in Lexington Park, MD. Paradis currently manages the company’s internal communications, events, and social media. She also plays a critical role in copywriting and public relations. As a proud “Navy Brat,” her passion for our nation’s defenders is felt in each task, project, and idea that accompanies her work. Prior to her current position, Paradis was an Account Manager for an up-and-coming marketing agency and held numerous internships in social media and digital marketing.

Paradis is always looking for new outlets for her undeniable passion for marketing. Sharing a mutual love and passion for marketing with her coworker, Kristina “Nina” McKeaver, AMA Baltimore VP of Marketing + Communications, Lauryn discovered AMA Baltimore in the Summer of 2023.

“I had known about AMA Baltimore from some of my peers at Towson University, but I never had an inside look into the organization until Nina and I started working together,” said Paradis. “I saw the passion and the drive she had, and I knew it had to be something special. The chance to dig into my love for marketing copy and surround myself with others who share that was so exciting!”

Having previously written LinkedIn Articles for her employer, Paradis was eager to expand her knack for copywriting. When McKeaver asked Paradis if she was interested in volunteering as a copywriter on the Marketing + Communications Committee, the answer was an almost immediate ‘Absolutely.’

“I didn’t expect Lauryn to accept the volunteer offer so confidently or quickly,” said McKeaver. “On top of her fast-paced nine-to-five, she is pursuing her Master’s in Mass Communication with a concentration in Social Media at the University of Florida. I always knew Lauryn prioritized her professional development and career aspirations, but I didn’t know if I was asking her too much. However, her nearly immediate acceptance reiterated that she is committed to never stop growing as a marketer, and AMA Baltimore is the perfect conduit for go-getters like Lauryn.”

In just nine months of volunteering on the Marketing + Communications Committee, Paradis has contributed to nearly 20 AMA Baltimore blog posts and news articles

“Writing is something that not only comes naturally to me but also provides me with a great creative outlet,” said Paradis. “Creating blog posts for AMA Baltimore doesn’t even feel like an extra task on my list! It has challenged me as a writer, grown my digital content skills, and has taught me so much about developing strategic digital marketing content.”

Aside from being a gifted storyteller and wordsmith for routine publications such as Past Events recap blog posts, Paradis is a key content creation leader for both the Marketing + Communications Committee and the AMA Baltimore Chapter as a whole. Paradis remains tirelessly abreast of marketing trends and news, leading her to spearhead the TikTok & Congress: What Marketers Need to Know About the Potential Ban blog post – from her simple idea to a critical publication.

“Being a natural-born leader, Lauryn has helped accelerate the content output of the Marketing + Communications Committee,” said McKeaver. “She is one of the most reliable individuals I have ever collaborated with, and she performs each task with contagious enthusiasm.” 

After six months of volunteering as a Copywriter, Lauryn was promoted to Director of Marketing Copy in February of 2024 – perfect timing as she is proudly distinguished as the Featured Volunteer of Winter 2024. Remember her name – Lauryn Paradis is on track to be a powerhouse in the Greater Baltimore marketing community and beyond.

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