Addressable Audiences
Hit Your Targets with Addressable Advertising

Determining how to best reach your target audience can be an inexact science. Looking at the data, comparing media and choosing the channels is often a test-and-see endeavor. This is particularly true with TV advertising. The audience is large and most advertisers view TV ads as a way to simply build awareness among a broad group of consumers. Addressable advertising offers a new solution that can help move prospective customers through the sales funnel with more effective targeting.

“It’s a game changer,” said Annemarie Agnew, director of sales for Baltimore and Salisbury at Effectv, the advertising arm of Comcast. Using set-top box data generated by 400,000 Comcast customers, Effectv can determine which customers fit into an advertiser’s target demographic and build a custom campaign to reach those customers.

How it Works

Effectv uses Comcast subscriber data, data from set-top boxes as well as TV network data to determine which households are watching which shows. None of the data is personally identifiable, other than age and gender. They can then determine which ads to serve during particular shows to reach the audience a client is seeking. This allows clients to deliver ads specifically to the demographic they are targeting for a particular product or service. It is even possible to deliver different ads at the same time, based on customer data.

For example, a hospital might want to promote different services, depending on the age and gender of those viewing the ad. Addressable advertising allows them to deploy specific ads to the customers who fit their target audience for a particular service – pediatrics, maternity, orthopedics, etc. Agnew noted that the industries that can benefit most by using addressable advertising are those with multiple products or services that each have distinct target demographics: healthcare, financial services, automotive, home remodeling and restaurants.

Measuring the Impact

The targeted nature of addressable advertising enables the client to more accurately measure the impact on their business. Effectv can track ad performance by segment, measure reaction to the ad within 30 minutes through its Instant Impact tool and partner with the client to determine how the campaign impacted traffic and conversions, using the client’s Google Analytics data.

Following the conclusion of each campaign, Effectv presents a comprehensive report to each client based on the client’s KPIs and makes recommendations on how the client can optimize their creative for future campaigns.

For businesses considering adding addressable advertising to their marketing mix, Agnew suggested that in addition to exploring multiple audiences, the potential client needs to be willing to trust the data and work closely with their advertising partner. “We offer a solution that allows clients to target their audience through video,” Agnew said. “We help them take their marketing to a new level.”


Annemarie Agnew is the director of sales for Baltimore and Salisbury at Effectv, the advertising sales division of Comcast. Effectv helps local, regional and national advertisers grow their business with multi-screen marketing solutions and is a proud AMA Baltimore sponsor.