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How to Recharge Creatively

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April 21, 2020 |
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Have you been feeling overwhelmed, emotionally disconnected, or having a case of burn-out? Feeling this way is universal, and most people can agree that in times of desperation, finding a remedy to kick them back into gear is definitely needed. Considering how much we handle on a daily basis, it is no wonder that we could use a break to replenish our personal batteries. Living in a fast-paced world, where being busy is the new normal, many people like to maintain their structure and avoid disruptions for fear of creating new problems. Well, we have great news: it does not have to be this way. You do not have to sacrifice your well-being due to the demands of life.

Burn-out is an inevitable feeling caused by putting neurological, physical, and emotional strain on yourself. It can be difficult to move and even push through this type of fatigue without a remedy. Life can be inherently messy, but there are ways to guide yourself towards self-wellness. To learn more about this, we spoke with Dr. Jessica Greenberg, a licensed psychologist in Baltimore that specializes in working with children, adolescents, and adults with a wide range of psychological issues. She has extensive training in psychotherapeutic treatment techniques and understands the myriad of things a person can deal with daily. Today, Dr. Greenberg helps guide us on the path to wellness and recharging creatively. Ready to recharge? Let’s get started!

Awareness and Re-Design

It is incredibly easy to run your mind and body into overdrive. During this state, in most cases, you choose to stop to refuel before promptly returning to the tasks your daily life demands. Dr. Greenberg informs us that the choice to push forward can impose stress on the mind and body. When this happens, it is important to tune in to the signs our bodies and feelings are telling us. Dr. Greenberg explains that the feelings of emotional or physical distress to look out for are: 

  • Feeling of burn-out
  • Tired and drained
  • Sense of helplessness
  • Lower mood or emotional disconnection
  • Feeling defeated 
  • Feeling trapped
  • Confusion
  • Anger
  • Sense of isolation
  • Heightened anxiety 

While participating in many activities, try to find a way to pause yourself for a moment and become aware of what you are feeling. Dr. Greenberg expresses that “self-validation can prove to be very helpful during times of turmoil.” She also reveals that by allowing yourself to know that it is okay to feel this way, even if the feeling is uncomfortable, can help relieve built-up stress. Most of the stress in daily life comes from trying to repress what you are feeling. Dr. Greenberg suggests that overcoming this hurdle is not so much about “stop” or how we can put a “band-aid” on our stress. Instead, it is about trying to find ways to move or work through it. Re-wiring the way you think about a situation may be the first step into redirecting your focus and energy. 

Bring Joy Back into Your Life

A tired and drained body can rob you of many things you often like to indulge in. For example: How many times do you feel like you smile a day? Not enough? Most likely, you may not take in consideration how you can rob yourself out of something as easy as smiling by taking on the pressures of life. Humans have a primal need for pleasure, and we sometimes choose to neglect our natural instincts and go against the grain. Try something different. Start this re-fueling journey by making an active choice to return the joy back into your life. Joy is able to replenish us even through the darkest moments. Dr. Greenberg shares a few examples to help you bring joy back into your life:

  • Activate your social network. Make time for family, friends, or co-workers on a regular basis. It is easy to isolate yourself through the day while being busy, but you have to remember that life is meant to be shared. Dr. Greenberg notes that, “During a time where the COVID-19 pandemic has made it significantly challenging to physically meet with others, you can still connect with others through phone calls or video messaging.” 
  • Be optimistic and give yourself some slack. Understand that you will have challenges and barriers. Try to use these moments to convert them into opportunities for learning and growth. 
  • Increase your physical activity and exposure to nature. Get your blood pumping by opting to go outside, exercise, or just make a run to the store. Staying active can be the right antidote to make you feel good about yourself again. 
  • Make time for play. Find a time to have fun. Mix it up by playing a video game, making some funny noises, or plan an outing. You do not have to be all work and no play!

There will be times where you may feel like you are maxed out to capacity. Purge what you do not need, just like you would your closet. Keep it simple.

Release, Relax, and Recharge!

Perspective can make or change the way we feel about things. More often than not, we can only see the negative that surrounds us and feel like we do not have an outlet to release. Relax. Have no fear, creative tips to relax and recharge are here. Dr. Greenberg urges us to try these helpful remedies to help you with releasing tension, relaxing, and recharging:

  • Disconnect from technology. Steering clear from technology can give your brain a break and help with restfulness.
  • Limit news consumption. “Refrain from the need to always be informed. Watching or listening to the news can constantly heighten anxiety and stress,” says Dr. Greenberg.  
  • Practice self-meditation and breathing. Allow yourself to wind down, close your eyes, turn on some soothing music, and quiet your thoughts. Practicing mindfulness and self-compassion can fuel your soul.
  • Explore creative outlets. Relieve stress by partaking in activities or hobbies that practice patience like painting, drawing, cooking, baking, dancing, knitting, picking up an instrument, journaling, or even photography. 
  • Unplug. Walk away for a moment from things that give you anxiety or worry. 

Unplugging and engaging in the above individualistic or communal activities are a sure way to help guide you through self-restoration. Dr. Greenberg says, “Create a sense of structure. Write it down. Make sure it delineates what it is that you’re hoping to accomplish in the day, and in that, hopefully, that can include not just time for tasks, but also time built in for getting outside, movement, rest, fun things, spending time with family members, or making some time for some type of connection.”

Let it go and Find a Balance

Understanding ourselves is just the beginning. “It really depends on the person on what they feel will work to re-energize them,” Dr. Greenberg adds. Working on things you can control can help you in the long run to avoid burn-out and help restore the happy, fun, and joyous you. Find what makes you come alive and do it. Without hesitation, take a leap of faith and mark your journey to restoration. Find a balance between work, movement, and rest.” If you start to feel an imbalance, are unmotivated, have trouble sleeping, having a tendency to withdraw, or start to feel emotionally flat, Dr. Greenberg encourages us to turn to this helpful remedy guide to get you back on the right track. If these suggestions do not work for you, consider seeking out a healthcare provider to check if you may have any underlying health conditions that contribute to your exhaustion. 


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The American Marketing Association Baltimore Chapter (AMA Baltimore) is Maryland’s leading provider of networking, educational programming, and resources for marketing professionals. AMA Baltimore provides extensive opportunities for marketers to expand their networks, grow professionally and learn about current industry trends.


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