Member Spotlight

Luba Abrams

Customer Experience Manager
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How long have you been an AMA member?

12 years

What have you enjoyed most/found to be the most beneficial aspects about being an AMA member?

The networking and comradery. I have made some lifelong friends during my tenure on the AMA Baltimore board. AMA also helps me stay up to date on the latest trends and marketing service providers.

What is the best career advice you have for fellow marketers?

Trust your instincts and pursue your passion, and do things that make you uncomfortable once in a while. Market research isn’t for everyone. We aren’t all talented designers. If you are social, you may not want to be stuck behind a desk. However, try all of these things so you are familiar with them. If you can’t do it via your day job, volunteer at an organization where you can.

Who inspires you to be a better marketer?

My children! If I don’t do the right thing as a marketer, how can I be a good role model for them? If I am not creative and thoughtful, how can I inspire them?

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

The ability to fly. I hate driving and being stuck in traffic. If I could just transport myself taking the shortest route, I’d be so much more productive.

What has marketing taught you that you think that other industries may not have?

It’s all about the customer – you need to be transparent, you need to be relevant and you need to do all of that with messaging and media that reflect what is easiest/best for the customer.

What recent experience (art show, concert, or lecture) inspired you to try something new in marketing?

I recently listened to an audiobook about the value of infusing humor in the workplace (The Levity Effect by Adrian Gostick). Even though the work we do at BGE is of a very serious nature, there are ways to infuse humor, carefully, into our communications messages. We have to balance when and where we use it, but we definitely need to lighten up where possible – it’s too stressful not to – and people are more receptive to it.