AMA Membership

AMA Membership

Whether you’re looking for networking opportunities, professional development, industry resources, fun, influence, involvement, or growth, AMA Baltimore is where you’ll find it all.


What Members Are Saying…


“To me, AMA has been nothing short of an AMAzing experience! Guiding me through my college experience from freshman to senior year, I have made professional and personal connections to last a lifetime. With our excellent programming, International Collegiate Conference (ICC), and social events, I truly could not imagine where I would be without AMA.”

– Sarah Taylor / Student, University of Maryland

Sarah Taylor

“Being a member of AMA Baltimore has been extremely beneficial. The exposure, networking, and learning opportunities have allowed me to connect with other industry leaders, learn from their experiences, and grow our business. I’ve formed meaningful relationships which have led to new partnerships and opportunities I would have never otherwise had.”

– Carlos Diggs / Director, Business Development, Three Seas, Inc.

Carlos Diggs

By joining our Chapter, you’ll be able to become a better marketer and connect with the world’s largest, most engaged network of marketers.

Marketers have always turned to the AMA for the resources and information necessary to outperform – to put answers into action. Together we are achieving amazing things.

We’ve built the essential community for marketers by inspiring curiosity, debate and connection. We’re a collective force that believes knowledge itself is not power. Rather, power is knowledge applied.

AMA is empowering marketers with a voice for change. As a member, you’ll have access to the resources you need to accelerate career development and business growth and numerous benefits that are exclusive to members:

  • The most relevant and compelling knowledge. Guide decisions with critical news, studies and business cases covering a wide variety of industries and marketing disciplines.
  • Downloadable tools and resources. Expand your knowledge, build your marketing skill set and become more effective with marketing’s most comprehensive collection of interactive tools, templates, dashboards and certifications.
  • In-person networking and local events. Connect with other marketers, build your network and get leadership perspectives. AMA conferences, training and more than 65 chapters across the US and Canada make it personal.
  • Member discounts to events and more. Pay less for marketing conferences, virtual events, training and a variety of discounts ranging from business services to entertainment.
  • Best practices, original research, and emerging trends. Webcasts and courses curated from marketing’s thought leaders and leading academics. Discover essential concepts, emerging trends, next practices and how to apply them to achieve success.
  • A community for marketers. With the most useful, current and rigorous content, the AMA is the essential resource and community for marketing. It’s where ideas are shared and the shape of marketing’s future takes form.

Learn more about the different types of AMA membership by clicking below.

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AMA Professional Membership


For all professional individuals working in the field of marketing.

AMA Student Membership


For undergraduate students not currently in a full-time professional position.

AMA Group Membership


For groups of 3 or more professional marketers.

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