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It Is All About the Fans: Meredith Oliver to Visit AMA Baltimore on 3/6

February 20, 2019 |
3 minute read

If your organization offers an outstanding product or service, ideally your customers are brand loyal. But with audiences being bombarded every day with thousands of marketing messages through a multitude of different channels, how can you create raving fans before they buy or use your product or service? How can marketing professionals strategically craft messages that will stand out to their target audience and speak to them to turn them into fans?

Instead of marketing “at” and “to” the fans, what if we marketed “about” and “for” our fans?

At AMA Baltimore’s AMA in the AM: Fantastic Marketing: Build Your Brand & Grow Your Business By Creating Fans BEFORE They Buy, keynote speaker, author, and strategist Meredith Oliver will share all of her tips and tricks to do just that.

As tools to enhance and track marketing continue to emerge, marketers attend events and presentations to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. Many times, they find them either uninteresting, vague, or not applicable to their industry or organization. Meredith Oliver’s presentation is created as the exact opposite and offers the elements that we enjoy when we sit through a presentation. It’s a blend of energy, fun, and motivation.

Meredith tailors her presentations to be informative, but also inspiring. Her method is to hit both the head and the heart to achieve a balance of refreshing yet attainable ideas. You will leave Meredith’s presentation not only full of new and dynamic ideas, but also equipped with the tools to fruitfully implement them in your business.

Intentionality is essential to Meredith. She deliberately plans her presentations so that everyone in the room can leave with beneficial takeaways to ruminate on, whether you are the most experienced in the room, new to the field, or anywhere in between. To provide the most value for attendees, Meredith researches who is attending along with the companies they represent. Aiming to provide these marketers with the tools to ramp up their marketing, she revises the presentation beforehand based on this research to have a productive presentation.

She includes examples that will be relatable. If most event attendees do B2B marketing, Meredith provides insights and examples which best complement that. If there will be a greater number of marketers whose organizations are B2C focused, she will adjust her presentation accordingly. The end goal is to deliver a model that attendees can bring back to their organization. When put into practice, the model can then achieve marketing from the perspective of the fan, and not the perspective of the brand.

Attendees will learn how to step into the fan’s shoes and refine the experience that their organization’s marketing crafts to create raving fans before they buy. When they buy and are then hooked, they will promote your brand for you. As marketers, we know word of mouth is invaluable.

Master these skills with Meredith and your fans will not be just brand loyal. They’ll be doing the sales and marketing for you. For event information and registration, visit our event page or contact Dov Hoffman, VP of Programming.


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