A Wake-Up Call to All Marketers: Print Is Not Dead

The value of print in the marketing mix cannot be underestimated. The Data and Marketing Association (DMA) has released startling statistics regarding direct mail response rates. Direct mail response rates are higher than email marketing response. A survey by Ball State University shows that print has 59% more engagement for users than online articles.

While print has seen a lot of change with the onslaught of digital marketing, don’t overlook the fact that print really complements digital well. It should be an integral part of any marketing plan. Here are a few ways to utilize print to drive your overall marketing strategy:

1. Educate yourself.

Take the time to sit down to really understand the value of all of the options available to you. Determine the ROI and impact of a well-designed print piece. Print is more costly to produce than an email, but you can expect a higher response rate.

2. Support your print campaign with digital marketing.

You would be missing the mark if you didn’t explore options to complement your print campaign with digital strategies. Sit down with a designer to discuss parts of your target market that you are missing and how best to get them to convert with a print ad designed specifically for them, then use a personalized urls (purls) to enable appropriate tracking.  

3. Harness the power of data.  

The data that you know and love for digital is available for direct mailing lists. Mail lists are available to marketers with the same level of data rich profiles. They can get very granular. The data can illustrate everything there is to know about your customers’ buying habits.  

4. Have a clear call to action.

People are more apt to engage and respond with print. In a digital world, print stands out.  Give your customers a clear call to action and they will be more likely to follow through when targeted with a print campaign. Do not overlook the fact that print has a longer shelf life. It’s tangible, which has the added benefits of reaching a broader audience than it is intended for.

5. Content marketing should NOT be solely online.

Albeit more expensive, 81% of US respondents preferred to read print on paper over a digital screen. If you want your content marketing to have more of an impact, consider printing it. The experience of turning pages also makes reading easier. According to Scientific American, “Most screens, e-readers, smartphones, and tablets interfere with intuitive navigation of a text.”

 Another important point to make is that print isn’t limited to direct mail. It also includes: the packaging industry, signage and window displays, wallpaper, books, magazines, other publications and brochures. For those strategizing for 2018, think about the ways print can elevate your marketing campaigns and make a stronger impact.

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