The State and Future of Marketing with AMA CEO, Russ Klein
The State and Future of Marketing: A Q&A with AMA CEO, Russ Klein

On November 29th, Russ Klein, CEO of AMA, will visit Charm City to speak about The State and Future of Marketing.” Klein’s talk will address the evolution of marketing, the role of today’s marketer, and how to stay on top of a socially driven world. AMA Baltimore is thrilled to host the event and asked Klein a few questions about marketing and advice for marketers.

As everyone looks to the future of marketing, what are a few steps that marketers can take to build the foundation for the future of their brand?

Understand the changing role of today’s marketer as more of a co-creator, design thinker, systems thinker, connector, integrator; become more versatile, continually seek growing edges.

In your opinion, what is the most valuable investment a marketer can make in their brand right now?

Whatever it takes to maintain a growth mindset and understand their work-product in terms of relationships to other market elements and communities around them. Self-awareness and curiosity are the most powerful gateways to achievement.

In terms of customer experience, which brands should marketers watch? Which companies are disrupting their fields?

Excellent experience design isn’t only for new tech or even high tech enterprises. Some of the old school brands like Ritz, Doubletree, and Target are world class operators in creating and integrating intentional experience design into their operations. Then there are other “newer” players like Apple, Zappos, Uber, Amazon who have changed customer expectations across all categories by removing friction from the customer experience. Often disruption is triggered by simple subtraction (of friction points).

Marketing is complex and rapidly evolving. What is some advice for the overwhelmed marketer?

Remember the mundanity of excellence. Technique, discipline, and attitude are still what distinguishes winners from losers. Don’t get caught up in shiny object envy or feel you have to have all the answers. Asking the right questions is what creates value. Slow down to become faster.

What is one quality that marketing leaders should look for in future or young marketers?

Trustworthiness (be the “first responder” in your enterprise and run to the trouble).

We are excited and honored to have Russ Klein speak to the Baltimore community. To register for the event, visit