It goes without saying that AMA Baltimore would not exist without our volunteers.

Our appreciation for volunteers runs deep. Each volunteer brings a unique set of skills and vision to our organization that enriches it and bolsters our efforts. If you’re looking for an opportunity to work with new people and help cultivate a community of marketing professionals, then consider a volunteer position with AMA Baltimore.

Those who volunteer will:

  • Develop and enhance leadership skills. Many committee members work their way up to board positions. The teamwork and leadership skills used in these committees help hone the skills employers value in their employees.
  • Work with other professionals to further chapter initiatives. Meet new people and work as a team to grow the AMA. You’ll make meaningful connections and develop lasting friendships.
  • Enhance your resume by becoming involved. Employers like to see involvement in the community and a commitment to your career. Our chapter can offer both in one resume statement.
  • Get in the running for Volunteer of the Month. Our members are thanked at every event, but only one person is chosen for Volunteer of the Month. You’ll get a special shout out and an awesome plaque.
  • Access to Volunteer Appreciation events.
  • Become part of the decision making process for AMA Baltimore. Have new ideas? We’d love to hear them. Talk to our board members to see how you can get involved.

AMA members are encouraged to help in any way possible. Help the AMA stay relevant and thriving by becoming a volunteer. We’d love to have you.